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Little Walrus

Little Walrus

SKU: 54100742

Little Walrus (Little Animal Friends) Board book – March 14, 2023

by Julie Abery (Author), Suzie Mason (Illustrator)


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Little Walrus goes on an adventure on an ice flow, but mama is always close by her calf. Like any toddler, Little Walrus loves to explore and try new things. Playtime is filled with fun and a few tumbles, as Little Walrus chases after a bird, losing his mama in the big walrus herd. But mama is not far behind and they are soon reunited and having fun swimming in the ocean. Nature is a perfect playground!

  Short rhyming lines in this illustrated board book tell a sweet story of youthful adventure and motherly love.

A perfect gift for Mother's Day for fans of If Animals Kissed Goodnight and I Love You Like No Otter!

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