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Euphoric Herbals Super Salve for Cuts & Burns

Euphoric Herbals Super Salve for Cuts & Burns

SKU: 69037399

Organic Ingredients: Comfrey leaf, Calendula flowers, Arnica, St johns wort, Plantain leaf, aloe vera, beeswax, citric acid, vitamin E infused in an olive oil base.

This remarkable salve is expertly formulated without essential oils and petroleum, making it an ideal option for nipple ointment for postpartum. The ingredient list shines with a carefully selected blend of organic components.

🌿 Comfrey leaf, known for its soothing properties; Calendula flowers, loved for their skin-healing prowess; and Arnica, a time-tested remedy for inflammation.

🌿 St. John's wort and Plantain leaf offer comfort and repair, while Aloe Vera provides a hydrating embrace to your skin. The product also includes the protective qualities of beeswax, the natural preservative benefits of citric acid, and the antioxidant richness of Vitamin E. All of these marvelous ingredients are infused in a mild and nourishing olive oil base.

Super Salve provides a natural care approach to postpartum recovery and beyond for the whole family offering the tender care you and your family deserve.

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