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Burp Cloths Print - KB

Burp Cloths Print - KB

Keababies Burp Cloths - Grayscale Prints


*Sold Individually Not As A Set


Designed with style and comfort in mind, our figure-8 design is made for comfort and perfect weight distribution to prevent the burp cloth from falling off your shoulder while fidgeting with your baby. Sized at 10" (25cm) x 21" (53cm), which is larger than other similar burp cloth sets, our KeaBabies burp cloths help to prevent milk spit-ups from soiling your shirt or shoulder. Our Urban Burp Cloths are the perfect burping cloths for babies; filled with quality fleece for optimum absorption, keeping you fresh and dry. The top and bottom layers are GOTS-certified organic cotton (Certified by CU 1042833).

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