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2 n 1 Mini Kitchen

2 n 1 Mini Kitchen

SKU: 53035053

BeginAgain 2-In-1 Mini Kitchen Wooden Play Set With 15-Pieces Included | Play-Pretend Cooking Stovetop, Pants, Spatulas, BBQ Accessories | Interactive, Educational Cooking Set For Ages 24-Months And Older


 THE PREMIUM PLAY PRETEND COOKING PLAYSET: Every kid wants to get into the kitchen and cook, just like their parents. We've created an interactive wooden playset that makes it easy for toddlers to pretend-cook, right by their parent's side. Now they can get creative in the kitchen, without the dangers of fire, burners, and sharp knives.
* KINESTHETIC AND COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: Our play pretend wooden kitchen kit makes it easy for kids to develop their creativity, fine motor skills, and cognitive recall as they create scenarios and storylines to share with you. Our wooden food items and accessories will also encourage kinesthetic development as your kid plays like a grownup.
MADE FROM 100% NON-TOXIC WOOD MATERIAL: We care about the safety of your family, which is why our wooden kitchen set is made from 100% premium, non-toxic wood. Our wood is also painted with water-based paint that is lead-free. Our sustainably harvested wood is the safest material available in kid's educational toy sets.
REALISTIC COOKING EXPERIENCE WITH 15-PIECES: Our cooking kit comes with 15 different cooking items, wooden food pieces, and cooking accessories that help them make their very own BBQ or grilled meals. Each wooden piece features different colors, patterns, and shapes, for constant learning.
STURDY WOODEN CONSTRUCTION: We know that toddlers can be rough on their toys, which is why each wooden cooking item is made with sturdy wood material. Now they can throw it, chew it, bite it, toss it, and slam it, all without breaking the cooking kit.


Watch your very own little chef come to life while they share their cooking ideas, stories, and narration with you. Welcome to our premium 15-piece cooking kit, made with your family in mind.


When your toddler plays with this wooden kitchen cooking set, they will develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills without even realizing it. Getting hands-on with these cooking accessories will also:

** Provide them with creative expression
** Engage them in imaginative play
** Help them learn sorting, organization, stacking, and storytelling


Our wooden stove piece can also be turned into a wooden grill, depending upon the cooking scenario. The sky is the limit when it comes to your child's creativity. We didn't want to hold them back.

Boil or barbecue. It's whatever you want to do!


We don't all have the kind of kitchen that makes it easy for kids to cook alongside you. Or, you might be busy after a long day from work. With our wooden cooking kit, now your kids can play pretend cook at the table, while you make the real food. They will feel like they helped you as a grownup.


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